Matthew 25 Alive Ministry (also known as Outreach) is committed to making a difference in the community by improving the environment around us. Affectionately known as the City’s Church, at the core is Outreach, which is also one of the seven bedrock principles of The Word Church. The Ministry serves diligently to provide those in need with food, hygiene items, and resources for education, employment, housing, utilities, medical insurance, etc. The Ministry also supports GED training, as well as Job Readiness Programs at The Word Church.

Moreover, the Community Impact Ministry maintains acts of community service within and outside of the The Word Church, specifically as it relates to Dr. R. A. Vernon’s vision of winning souls for Christ.
Being Kingdom minded, the Ministry strives to share a message of support, hope, destiny, and purpose to the lives that are touched, in accordance with Matthew 25:35-36.

As part of The Word Church, it is one of our Bedrock Principles to touch the lost and those in need through Outreach. Outreach is at the heart of God and our goal is to model His heart at The Word Church and in the community. Matthew 25 Alive is designed to help adults & families attain economic self-sufficiency through Education, Job Readiness Programs and Community Outreach initiatives. It is an integral part of how The Word Church impacts the areas surrounding Cleveland. It is our desire to impact many more, as our ministry is continually blessed with growth. If you have questions about our  ministry in the Cleveland area, please call us 216-332-9673 x175.

MATTHEW 25 ALIVE consists of:

Job Partnership
Food Pantry
Special Projects

The Word Church has given away many gifts to our members. Aside from a homes, cars, gift certificates, home appliances, toys and other items, giving is simply our way of sharing the blessing that God has done through the ministry of The Word Church. None of this would be possible without the faithful giving of our members. It is because of your contributions we are able to give so generously.