The Word Church is a full of activity, with over 20 ministries which include ministries for both new and more mature members.
There’s a lot happening at The Word Church! The Kingdom-driven ministry of The Word Church covers members from all walks of life. As a ministry under the dynamic call and leadership of Founder & Senior Pastor Dr. R.A. Vernon, The Word Church has grown from 200 members to a congregation of over 30,000 since it’s founding in 2000. At the core of our ministry are Our Statements, Mission and Vision, which under gird the call of outreach carried out through the heart of Pastor Vernon and the members of The Word Church.

At the heart of the ministry is Outreach. Embedded into our Bedrock Principles (see “What We Believe”), with Pastor Vernon’s vision, alongside the generosity of the members, The Word Church is taking Cleveland by storm! The Word Church has given away nearly 6,000 book-bags loaded with school supplies, 5,000 pairs of shoes, 5,000 clothing items for youth as part of the mega-Outreach event, WORD-Mart. On a weekly basis, The Word Church offers free feedings open to the Greater Cleveland community, a food pantry and clothing as part of general Outreach to the community. Pastor Vernon and The Word Church even gave away $20,000 in free gas to the general public, 3 homes and 4 vehicles to families in need, all for the sake of reaching others with the message that “Jesus loves you.” Along with weekly local television broadcasts on WUAB 43 (Cleveland), and The Word Network, these are just SOME of the ways in which Pastor Vernon and “THE WORD” Church get the message of Christ out to the greater Cleveland community and the world.




Dr. R. A. Vernon is the founder and senior pastor of The Word Church, a multi-site ministry with 34,000+ members between four locations. A respected spiritual leader, philanthropist, and humanitarian, he is dedicated to creating and providing programs, resources, and services to help the less fortunate. He is resolutely committed to unconditional outreach, and leads the culturally diverse congregation of The Word Church with integrity and excellence.


The Word Church is a non-traditional church with a very free style of worship. We believe in letting people express themselves to God in whatever way they feel comfortable.  If you are looking for a quiet, reserved style of worship, you probably won’t enjoy our service. The Bible says in many places that God should be praised with a loud voice, and with the lifting of hands; Psalms 134, 135, 138, 144, 146, 147, 148, 149, and 150, just to name a few. At The Word Church we believe in worshipping God “…in Spirit and in truth,” John 4:24. With that in mind, we allow you to worship however you please as long as it lines up with the truth of God’s Word.

We believe in all gifts of the Spirit, including speaking in tongues, however, we believe that speaking in tongues should not be done publicly without an interpreter, according to I Corinthians 14, and that it should be done in the proper setting. We also don’t believe that speaking in tongues is a prerequisite for salvation according to Romans 10:9.

In a nutshell, we do not have a dead Savior, so we don’t believe in having a dead church. When you come into our service both on weekends and Wednesdays, we ask that you place your Bible and your belongings in your seat and remain standing during our time of worship with our music ministry. At The Word Church we don’t come to rest, but we come to worship, so please join us in our worship.