The First Wednesdays of each month
Beginning in January, will be Communion Wednesdays. Unlike other Wednesdays, on the First Wednesday:

  • East Cleveland & Downtown locations will join the Main location for worship services on Wednesdays.
  • Dr. Vernon will serve holy communion and bless babies.
  • The service will have the energy and feel of a Sunday morning worship experience.
  • Wednesdays will be a day full of activities, from spiritual guidance to tutoring for you children.


Spiritual Guidance

We provide Spiritual Guidance for members of the church and the community. Spiritual Guidance is a biblically based response to the various challenges one may have in life. It is an opportunity share your heart with a trained listener who will guide you back to Christ.

This is not “counseling ” in the clinical sense. It is a one on one conversation with an Elder, Minister or skilled helper that is safe and confidential. Imagine a heart with ears on assignment to provide support, resources and in some cases- loving correction. There is no fee for Spiritual Guidance.

We provide Spiritual Guidance for:
Personal, Couple or Family Concerns
Life Transitions
Emotional Wellness
Spiritual Identity

Your first appointment will be an intake session. A confidential gathering of important background information to better assist your Elder in providing relevant guidance. These sessions are done by the Department of Life Support and can take about 30 minutes. Your Spiritual Guidance session will be scheduled for the following Wednesday with the next available Elder or Minister.
You expect to spend a little under an hour in your session.

To request an appointment contact us at: or call 216-332-9673.