Tear The Roof Off!

Fundraising Campaign Faith-Raising Opportunity

It’s no surprise that aging facilities sometimes require costly but necessary repairs. That’s where we are with some of the areas of our properties, and it’s why we’re putting renewed energy toward some major renovation projects. We do people, and to take care of our people, we have to take care of our buildings.

On the first weekend in August (4th & 5th), we’re launching our initiative to raise money to remodel key areas of our ministry.

We’re calling it a faith-raising opportunity rather than a fundraising campaign because giving requires faith—faith that when we give more than what we normally do, God will supply, honor, and bless the seed that we’ve planted. Further, like our friends at Saddleback, we believe that “God is primarily interested in growing our faith, not getting our money. We also believe that if the first happens, the second will naturally occur.”

This opportunity is a collective effort, but the results will be dual and deeply personal. You’ll see God’s promises materialize in your own life, and witness how your gift is helping to take care of our building as we check projects off our list.

Tear the Roof Off! Projects

Our initial goal is to get the structural areas of our building in topnotch shape, so for right now, we’ll hone in on Phase I only. Then, we’ll move on to Phase II, creating what we’re calling our ministry mecca—a beautifully redesigned, state-of-the-art space for our kids and teens, and functional, modernized spaces for our staff, ministry leaders, and volunteers. Last, we’ll focus on convenience value by adding features to make it easier to get from building to building on our main campus.


  • Replace Roof of Kingdom Building
  • Install New Parking Lot For Kingdom Building
  • Install Parking Lot Entrance Apron for Main Building
  • Repair Parking Lot Fractures for Main Building


  • Remodel Entire Kids’ Area (Kid City)
  • Redesign The Outsiders Teen Zone
  • Renovate Our Pantry


  • Build a Permanent Baptismal
  • Revamp Administrative Annex
  • Redesign Christian Education and Small Group Area


  • Build a Bridge Connecting Main Building to Kingdom Building

So, will you help us tear the roof off? Click here to give.