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10:30A & 12:30P


SUNDAY @ 10:30A

This service is for the person who wants it all. In addition to praise and worship, this service often features our choir and/or dramatic presentations from our Performing Arts Ministry. This is a high-energy service designed for the person who doesn’t want to wake up too early on Sunday, but also doesn’t want to come too late and lasts an hour and a half. Attendees of this service span the gamut in terms of age, race, and social demography.

SUNDAY @ 12:30P

This is what we call our “crazy” service. It is designed for the person who works hard all week and just doesn’t want to wake up early on Sunday. Our Praise & Worship Team sings, our choir ministers, and since it’s our late service, there is normally lengthier, more liberated worship. It’s awesome! Unlike the earlier Sunday services, there are no time constraints so you never know what to expect at this contemporary, high-spirited service. This service appeals to people who like plenty of singing, plenty of dancing, and are simply not in a hurry; however, service still lasts approximately an hour and a half.